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This Chocolate Sprinkle Stix Baking Set lets kids easily create chocolate dipped pretzels or wafers with their preferred sprinkle toppings without the mess. Simply melt chocolate safely using the included chocolate melter, dip the stix into the chocolate station and add sprinkles to the sprinkle dome. Attached to the stix holder, place your chocolate-covered stix into the dome and press down on the yellow button to watch your stix get covered in yummy sprinkles or chocolate chips! Add up to 3 different toppings using the topping tray. This set includes 1 base, 1 chocolate melter with plug and lid, 1 sprinkle dome, 1 funnel, 1 stirrer, 1 spoon, 1 topping tray, 1 display stand and instructions. This set is the perfect activity for a sleepover, playdate, or a rainy day stuck inside and can be gifted for birthdays, holidays and more! Sold individually. Size: N/A | Color: Chocolate Sprinkles Stix Baking Set | Quantity: 1 (Sold Individually)

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