Pretend and play Showtime Puppet Theatre

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Le Toy Van Honeybake Showtime Puppet Theatre offers fun and reveals children's talents. It will enable children to show their skills in different areas, teaches them how to listen and think differently, making their expression much more attractive and engaging.

This impressive wooden puppet theatre will inspire children to accentuate their talent and experience various roles. Showtime puppet theatre is an artistic activity that helps your child develop useful life skills; exercise his body, and improve his self-esteem, stimulate his brain in areas of logic and mathematics. Besides, the performing arts develop him psychosocially.

  • It contains: interval reversible sign, a stage door, two blackboards, a snacks window, a tickets window, curtain
  • Excellent tool for developing talents
  • Provides a child with a pleasant fantastic environment
  • Helps children to be more communicative
  • Inspires imagination
  • Enables exploring several verbal and body communication skills
  • Made by Le Toy Van from high-quality wood and non-toxic materials
  • Package Dimensions: 82.2cm L ×64.1cm H ×7.9cm W ×13.8kg
  • Product dimension: 70cm L ×122cm H ×41cm W

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