10in Pumpkin Cookie Jar

10in Pumpkin Cookie Jar

PUMPKIN COOKIE JAR: Keep your Halloween treats fresh with this adorable pumpkin-shaped cookie jar. The jar is both fun and functional, making it a great choice for any Halloween party or simply as a festive decoration in your kitchen.

UNIQUE AND SPOOKY DESIGNS: Each ornament in our Halloween Carnival collection features a unique and spooky design that will add a touch of eerie charm to any Halloween decor.

HANDMADE WITH CARE: Our ornaments are carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality and will be a treasured addition to your customers' Halloween decor for years to come.

VERSATILE DECOR OPTIONS: Our Halloween Carnival collection offers a range of versatile decor options, from miniature figurines and statue decor to snow globes and halloween decorations indoor, making it easy to create a spooky ambiance throughout the home.

COLLECTIBLE AND MEMORABLE: With their unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship, our Halloween Carnival collection ornaments make the perfect addition to any collector's repertoire, and are sure to become cherished pieces that bring back memories year after year.

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