Air Blaster Archer Set with 12 foam balls

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Invoke your inner Robin Hood with this super-cool, safe kids archery set—with no sharp arrows, of course! The Air Blaster Archery Set features a bright-colored plastic bow (20"L x 13"W) with a comfy ergonomic grip, and an easy-release handle to pull back the string. Perfect for target shooting (make your own target, or simply set up some cans or small unsuspecting toys on a fence post or in the hallway), or challenge a competitor to a friendly duel. It's a great way to improve hand-eye coordination...and target games are just plain FUN!

This lightweight bow is so easy to use. Simply load the soft-impact EVA foam balls in the front of the blaster (12 colorful balls included), pull back and push forward with a pump action, and the balls will fly out with a cool-sounding POP, traveling up to 20 feet across the room (or yard.)

For indoor or outdoor use, this archery set is perfect for backyard play, indoor target practice, and birthday party games.

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