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Baby Face Charades is the hilarious party game that inspires gut-busting laughter while putting your acting skills to the ultimate test. To play this charades-style game, you'll rely on your facial expressions and sound effects to act out clues for your team, all while looking like a big ol' baby! On your turn, strap the puppet-baby below your chin and become the "Big Baby." Without speaking, use the sticks attached to the baby arms to move the body, acting out clues using only the puppet-baby body, sound effects and your best facial expressions! Get your teammate to guess as many clues as you can to score points. Put your charades skills on display and get ready for big laughs with this super-funny game that's easy to learn and an absolute blast to play! Perfect for groups or game night, for 4 or more players 14 years old and up. Includes 1 Puppet-baby, 2 Sticks and 112 Clue Cards. Colors and decorations may vary.

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