Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer

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Love the beach but not the sand that comes home with you? This talcum-free product removes it using an all-natural blend of plants and minerals. First, towel off and generously sprinkle the powder on your sandiest spots. Then brush it all away, and POOF! Skin is left smooth and sand-free, with a subtle scent of vanilla. This beach bag essential, packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard tube, was designed for all: adults, children, and babies. Life's a beach, but leave the sand where it belongs. 

 Beach Powder Shimmer is a talc-free, eco-friendly powder that removes, sand and leaves a sun-shiny, lustrous shimmer on the skin. It's perfect for anyone who wants glamour at the beach, and for those beach-perfect Instagram-moments! Just sprinkle it onto sandy-skin, brush off with hands and the sand comes off as if by magic, leaving a beautiful subtle sparkle on the skin. Shimmer ingredient is plastic-free and ethically-sourced. Safe for adults, children and babies (even in diaper area).
Made in United Kingdom

It’s completely talc-free. I’d read so much about talcum powder containing asbestos and then Johnson & Johnson kept getting sued by women claiming that talcum powder caused their cancer.  The fact that Beach Powder does not contain talcum powder is a major selling-point for my customers.