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A Brand New Chicken Dance

If you close your eyes and think, you can hear the song. Its melody comes to you and you instantly imagine every wedding reception since the 1950s. The Chicken Dance Polka begins and all you can do is shake those hips and get your move on. But, is there a way to make it even better? Is there a way that you could win the Chicken Dance!? 

Fun Details

You're about to find out just how fun it can be when you and your kiddos play the Chicken Booty Chase game! This game is designed for 2-4 players and involves one player becoming the Chicken. They'll strap on the chicken booty and start to dance. The rest of the players dance after them and try to grab as many eggs as they can. Don't think that the most eggs automatically wins, though! You'll need to open 'em up and see what you got. Chicks are worth points. Some eggs have lizards that will just scamper away. But rotten eggs will lose you points! The winner with the most points wins and gets to grow up to be the Dancing Chicken next round. 

Eggsactly The Right Moves

Get the party started with Chicken Booty Chase and find out just how great those eggs are gonna be. With 20 different tokens to fit in 12 eggs, you never know how great the game is going to end up... but we know the dancing is going to be speggstacular! 

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