World's Smallest Rubik's


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While a regular-sized, generic Rubik’s cube may get the job done, it isn’t exactly portable. By turning to a mini Rubik’s cube, this problem is solved for you. The world’s smallest Rubik’s cube allows for easy transport, and takes up nearly no space at all. The world’s smallest Rubik’s cube easily fits in your pocket. With its compact size, this mini Rubik’s cube is perfect as a stocking stuffer, hiding easily in the bottom for a stellar surprise.

The world’s smallest Rubik’s cube works just like any regular-sized Rubik’s cube, only ours is way cuter is much more convenient for those of you on the go! A mini Rubik’s cube gets the job done for adult-sized and mini hands alike, allowing for smaller children to enjoy the challenge and brain benefits of a Rubik’s cube as well. It is important for both children and adults to partake in the cognitive odyssey this mini Rubik’s cube provides.


  •    5.25" wide x 8.5" high x 1.5" deep package
  •    .75" diameter cube
  •    3/4" square