Double Snake
Double Snake

Double Snake

Sssure to become a sssummertime esssential!

It has drink holders built into either side, its S shape provides a comfy backrest for both swimmers as they sit on the inflatable seats, and the unique, vibrant design is sure to break the ice between any two strangers.

Meanwhile, its high-quality polyvinyl construction will keep the fun afloat season after season!

Grab a friend and splash into summer fun with the 2-Person Snake Pool Float.

2-Person Snake Pool Float
  • Snake-shaped pool float with two seats
  • Encourages outdoor play, active play, friendship
  • Drink holders built into either side
  • S shape provides backrest for both swimmers
  • Comfy inflatable seats
  • Includes one 2-person snake pool float
  • Measures 76 x 47.5 x 9 inches when inflated
  • Easy to inflate and deflate for use and storage year after year
  • Regular price$52.00

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