Glow In The Dark Secret Message

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  • Invisible ink pen with black light top – write secret messages with the invisible ink pen that only you can reveal with the black light. Press the black light button to reveal your secret message. Ball point pen on the other end for regular writing and drawing. Perfect for journaling, drawing or coloring. Encourage kids to write funny and memorable things that happen every day.
  • Secret diary - keep your secrets and innermost thoughts safe with the built in passcode lock. Not just for writing, This journal is perfect for keeping Doodles, photos and clippings safe from prying eyes. Beautiful shimmering rainbow unicorn design with stars, clouds, hearts and more.
  • Passcode lock - every journal comes with its own secret passcode. Just push down the 4 digit Code and press down the center button to release the lock and life the cover open. Once you're done, just close the diary and push down all the buttons to lock your journal and keep your code secret.
  • Hard cover book for extra writing support and lasting protection. Measuring at 6 x 4.5”, this hardcover Journal has 100 double sided lined Pink pages,
  • Design – all girls love unicorn. All girls will love the Pink colored pages and design. Research finds that the Pink color is most popular for girls

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