Hopstacle 23-Piece Hop Ball Obstacle Course

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  • Unique obstacle course set that can be set up in multiple ways
  • Includes two hop balls (24" diam.), four cones (14"H), four crawl-through arches (24" diam. x 30"H), four agility rings (20" diam.), three hurdles (6"H, 9"H, and 12"H), two collapsible mesh bins (14" diam. x 20"H), two foam balls (6" diam.), stopwatch, and hand pump to inflate balls
  • Be the first to get your foam ball in the collapsible mesh bin (goal), and you WIN!
  • Multiple ways to play-challenge a friend or a sibling, race against the clock, or organize a relay race
  • Skill-building play—exercise problem-solving skills, strengthen balance, and improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Perfect active outdoor play for backyard parties or family get-togethers.
  • Ages 5 and up.

Introducing a new twist on a backyard favorite—our Hopstacle! 23-Piece Obstacle Course Set! Obstacle courses provide fun and excitement for kids of all ages and abilities, and maneuvering through the various challenges also presents a chance for kids to exercise problem-solving skills, strengthen balance, and develop gross and fine motor skills. Add to that the fun of bouncing on a hop ball and you've got a perfect combination for outdoor active play fun!

Our exclusive set includes colorful components that can be arranged and then rearranged in multiple set-ups for a variety of obstacle courses. 23 piece set includes two hop balls, four bright orange cones to set boundaries or to use as a challenge, four crawl-through arches, four agility rings, three hurdles in varying sizes, two collapsible mesh bins to use as goals (and also useful as storage when game is not in play), two foam balls to be carried through obstacles, a stopwatch, and a hand pump for inflating the hop balls.

Design your own course and challenge a friend to a race through each obstacle with the goal of getting your foam ball into the mesh bin first! For solo play, competitors can race against the stopwatch and try to improve their own best time. You can even set this up as a relay race to involve more players, so it's perfect for a birthday party or family get-together to include everyone in the fun! Some obstacles, such as the crawl-through arches, will not include the hop balls, so you decide how to include the hop ball based on how you set up your course. Perhaps start off each race bouncing, or include the hop ball in the final leg of the race twisting and turning through the cones!

No matter how you set it up, our Hopstacle! Obstacle Course Set will keep your kids active outside while having fun! Hop balls require inflation (hand pump included) and hold up to 160 lbs.