Hot Shots Basketball Drill Cards

Hot Shots Basketball Drill Cards

All Hoops. No Hype.

Take better shots, rebound strong, dribble confidently, pass with precision, and lockdown defend! Hot Shots drills will take you from conceptual stage to in game application. Each card focuses in on the essential steps that lead to full drill mastery. Our cards are made with you in mind. Whether you're playing the game or teaching others, Hot Shots will take your basketball knowledge to the next level!

Here's Our Card Breakdown:

-- 45 Guided Drills
-- 9 Archetype Workouts
-- 5 Games
-- 5 Info Cards

Our deck features drills for passing, shooting, defense, ball handling, and rebounding skill development. Each card features guided instructions, coaching tips, and how to adjust drills to make them single or multiplayer and includes ideal practice times and repetition suggestions. They're made of waterproof, 100% plastic cards and can withstand sweat and water bottle spills. It comes with a durable, sweatproof card case so you can toss it in a gym bag and head to practice!

Why You'll Love It:

Hot Shots Basketball Drill Cards are a great tool for beginners, experienced players, and even coaches. Shape together custom practice routines or use 9 archetype cards to develop skills as playmakers, shot creators, lockdown defenders, and more. Add to your training regimen with our Hot Shots Basketball Training Markers, perfect for many workouts in this deck.

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