Rainbow Flag Round Platform Tree Swing

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  • Offering a rainbow of fun features, this Rainbow Flag Swing features brightly colored flags stitched up and down two sets of four strong straps, and a sturdy 58" diam. seat that allows up to four kids to swing together!

    Two carabiners connected to adjustable hanging straps, or a swivel connecting both straps centrally, allow an adult to hang this as a swing or a spinner

  • Large round platform swing for hours of backyard play!
  • Swing, spin, or lay back and daydream
  • Holds up to four kids at a time—(supports up to 400 lbs.)
  • Sturdy 58" diam. seat; adjustable 58" straps
  • Brightly colored flags are stitched up and down the swing's 8 straps
  • Includes 2 carabiners and a swivel for use as a swing or a spinne

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