Space Lab

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  • JOURNEY INTO SPACE: Unpack a variety of solar experiments and learn all about the stars and planets that fill our galaxy!
  • A SPACE LAB ALL IN ONE BUS: Conduct a variety of hands-on experiments like making a night-vision flashlight, a solar system mobile, creating a planet poster, and much more!
  • STORE IT ALL IN A HANDY BUS KIT: Use the special Star Pilot tool to locate constellations on both the star ball and in the night sky—this bus-shaped kit is great for storing all science components and projects!
  • 20 SPACE THEORIES TO TEST: Follow detailed instructions from 20 colorful instruction cards—encourages creative thinking as children test out exciting theories and record exhilarating observations.
  • KIT INCLUDES: 1 Constellation Box, 1 Elastic Band, 1 String (2m), 1 Data Notebook (5x7), Star Pilot With Compass and Batteries, 20 Experiment Cards, 2-Sided Star Chart, 4 Straws, 2 Fuzzy Sticks, Planet Poster, STAR PILOT Constellation Fact Sheet, Sticker Sheet, Constellation Booklet, 2 STAR PILOT Practice Cards, 5 Constellation Cards,2 Cut Outs of Planets, Red Cellophane, , Easy-To-Follow Instructions

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