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  • Active Outdoor Game: Get off the couch and grab your family and friends of all ages for this tangled-up game. It’s screen-free fun for mixed age groups: even older kids will have a blast!
  • Easy to Play: Grab the bands and stand in circle. Kick the spinner and follow the instructions, stepping over or under specific band colors, until your group is Twangled! Do you think you can untangle your group back into their starting positions?
  • Games that Teach: Players practice communication, active problem-solving and listening skills in a group. Perfect for 4-8 players, it makes a great team-building activity for families, small clubs and teams, troops, camp staff and even a small class!
  • Everyone Wins: This cooperative game will have you and your friends laughing, thinking, stretching and communicating as you get yourselves into and out of a tangled situation. If you can get out of your knot together, everyone wins!
  • Includes: 8 elastic bands, 1 kick spinner and instructions. 4-8 players. (Ages 6 and up)

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