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  • Galt's Water Magic - Fairies will keep your child entertained, with pictures that are magically revealed with the included water pen
  • Fill the pen with water and use to reveal the hidden pictures. Let dry and watch the pictures disappear! Color over and over again for exciting more fun!
  • This 8'' x 6'' book is perfect for quiet time, rainy days, car trips and airplane travel
  • Includes 6 reusable pictures on thick board and refillable water pen - suitable for age 3 and above
  • Just one of the many ways Galt helps kids draw, color, create, learn and discover
  • Galt products are quality controlled and meet all American, Canadian, British and European standards for toy safety

Category Description for Water Magic Drawing Pads:

A fun and clean way to color, without the frustration of staying within the lines and choosing the right colors. Simply fill the included "marker" with water and brush over the page. Colors "magically" appear along with hidden objects in the scene. Once the page dries, colors disappear so you can color it over and over again. Each book has top spiral binding and includes 6 scenes (except the Jungle Flip Book which has side spiral binding and is divided in 3 sections so you can mix and match animal heads, middles, and bottoms.) ~ MeganCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.


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