8-1/2" Bumpin' Around Ball (Blue/Green)
8-1/2" Bumpin' Around Ball (Blue/Green)

8-1/2" Bumpin' Around Ball (Blue/Green)

Have a Ball With Fine Motor Skills Development! Enhance a child's tactile exploration with the Fun and Function Spiky Tactile Ball. These colorful bumpy balls are more than just fun to play with, but they certainly are that! As kids are enjoying throwing, catching, touching and rolling around with these durable balls, they're improving fine motor skills and receiving effective sensory stimulation. Tactile bumpy balls have calming properties and increase the ability to focus.

Opens up a World of Tactile Exploration.

These are some of Fun and Functions best therapeutic play balls because they open up a childs world of tactile exploration. Hide, find, hold, touch and roll them or just play pretend. The spikes are firm enough to use for deep pressure and massage, but soft enough to encourage exploration. Plus, the small bumps on these balls also make them super easy to catch.

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