• TEACHES INCLUSIVITY Welcome to our very own Tenderleaf Happy People Hotel! Full of 9 fabulous little people who can resemble anyone you know. Teach your child how to be inclusive of everybody, an important life skill that is now so important to learn as a child. These people come in a box with a sliding lid, can can be used in any open ended play set. We love them along side our Tenderleaf Merrywood Characters and the Tenderleaf Rosewood Cottage dolls house set.
  • DUCATIONAL AND EXCITING This toy helps children to develop important concentration, patience, manual dexterity and cognitive learning skills, while experiencing an exciting and independent playtime. Sometimes open ended playtime can go on for hours or days, it really is all about just letting your child explore, build and create at their own pace.
  • GENDER NEUTRAL AND FUN FOR ALL This toy has been specially designed to be completely inclusive and gender neutral, a wonderful heirloom gift and a very exciting toy for any clever little boy or girl who loves to ‘think outside the box’. The colour pallet has been carefully selected to be on trend and aesthetically pleasing. Something stunning to complete the nursery.
  • PLASTIC-FREE TOY Completely plastic free and suitable for children 3 years +. Finished by the most skilled craftsmen using non toxic water stain paints, and tested to the highest standards, making this a strong durable toy created to last.
  • TESTED, TESTED, TESTED All high quality natural materials. Solid rubber wood that is sustainably sourced using only replenishable wood, we replant every tree we use under a legal government run scheme. ICTI seal of approval, we are very proud of the high ethical standards in our factory. An Eco-friendly safe toy.
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