Rainbow Embroidery Kit
Rainbow Embroidery Kit

Rainbow Embroidery Kit

You will love stitching these tactile rainbows. We use a really chunky cotton thread to stitch over a rainbow template, showing you where to stitch each block of colour. You'll then sew up around each rainbow, allowing you to stuff the ornament with stuffing and turn it into a hanging decoration.

Everything you need to make two rainbows is included in this kit including thread, fabric, hoop, needles, stuffing, cotton tape and cord, pins and full instructions. All packaged in a beautifully designed box, making it a perfect gift.

This kit provides you with the materials to make two of these hanging rainbow ornaments, designed by Cristin Morgan. This was originally a Hoop Club project back in December 2020 but we've made it in to a standalone kit because you loved it so much!

Not just for Christmas, these little ornaments are lovely to hang up all year around on doorhandles, cupboard doors or just a tack on the wall.  

Don't worry if you think you'll need some help with this, you can find a tutorial for this kit on our YouTube channel here.

What's in this embroidery kit?

Everything you need to complete this kit (apart from a pair of scissors) is included:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Printed fabric
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery thread 
  • Cord to hang
  • A wheel of pins
  • Cotton tape 
  • Wadding
  • Instructions

Embroidery kit details

  • Contemporary embroidery kit, made in and shipped from the UK
  • The embroidery kit is packaged in our beautifully designed envelope with a sticker designed to tell you exactly what's inside the kit
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