• PORTABLE AND ADORABLE: Rosewood Cottage is the epitome of a charming, portable doll's house. It's designed to be compact and easily transported, allowing children to take their imaginative play wherever they go. With its rose-colored roof, opening front doors, and a removable back panel, this little house is perfect for on-the-go adventures.
  • ENCHANTING DESIGN: This cottage is a visual delight, adorned with wildflowers and cut-out windows that create a whimsical woodland meadow effect. The attention to detail in the design sparks creativity and invites children into a world of imaginative play. The back panel doubles as a garden, complete with a pretty swing, flowers, and a toadstool, enhancing the overall enchantment.
  • PART OF MERRYWOOD LANE: The dolls included with Rosewood Cottage are named and scaled to the same size as characters from other Tender Leaf Toys collections, such as Sailaway Boat, Timber Taxi, and Bear Tales. This compatibility encourages children to mix and match characters from different sets, expanding their play possibilities and creating unique stories.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Rosewood Cottage is crafted from sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood, aligning with Tender Leaf Toys' commitment to eco-conscious practices. The use of soft, non-toxic colors adds a contemporary flair to this eco-friendly playset, ensuring both safety and style.
  • PROMOTES SOCIAL INTERACTION AND A PERFECT GIFT: Rosewood Cottage is not just a doll's house; its portable nature and enchanting design also make it a perfect gift choice, delighting children and inspiring imaginative play. Kids love playing together with this charming set, fostering essential social skills like turn-taking and cooperation. Whether it's setting up their dream home or embarking on imaginative adventures, this cottage sparks creativity and encourages shared playtime.
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