Silver Talking ATM Bank

Silver Talking ATM Bank

Make a deposit, make a withdrawal, the ATM always knows your account balance. The large LCD screen shows deposit amounts and adds them to your balance. Or, the screen shows your withdrawal amount and subtracts it from the total to give you a new balance. It talks, it counts, it always knows your account balance. Roll bills into the feeder with the twist knob. Includes special debit card key. Includes a combination lock Vault door to keep your savings safe and sound.

Kids learn the value of a dollar and "money Cents". suggested for ages 5 + but Useful for kids (and adults) of all ages. This is the original and official Ben Franklin brand.

  • It talks, it Counts, it always knows your account balance
  • Make deposits and watch your savings grow
  • Make withdrawals and the ATM knows your new balance
  • Large 10" H x 8" W x 5" D, looks great in any room
  • Includes Coin slot, lights, bill feeder and Vault
Regular price$64.00

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