Space Rocket
Space Rocket

Space Rocket

  • Rush to the sky & Safe Landing: This rocket launcher for kids 8-12 can reach a maximum altitude of 150 feet! Take it to an open space and start your rocket launch journey! The body of rocket launcher for kids will automatically open as propeller to landing safe.
  • STEM Education: As the STEM education toy for teenagers. The rocket launch scenario has been highly restored, children can get exposure to basic physical knowledge and also inspire to explore the power of flight, and the science of the universe. The rocket body has led lights so you can launch at night and track where it lands.
  • Delayed Launch: Since the propeller will be running at high speed when it starts, we have set a 3s delayed launch time for you. 3s after placing the toy rocket ship on the launch pad and pressing the launch button on the remote control, the rocket will not run immediately, giving you time to go to a safe place and wait for the rocket to start.
  • Tough Material: Our foam rocket launcher toy is made of EPP foam material, this not only makes the rocket lighter to fly higher but also more durable.
  • Rechargeable battery: The toy rocket launcher for kids has a built-in battery inside, USB-QC charging (the charging cable is in the package), it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge, and it can launch about 25 times on a single charge, saving the cost and trouble of replacing the battery. 
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